Norene's Kitchencast

Norene's Kitchencast

Norene Gilletz is the leading author of Kosher cookbooks in Canada, with a network of fans and followers that spans the globe. Tune in to hear Norene in conversation with special guests, talking about Jewish cooking and culinary traditions.

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    Gabbing with the Aussie Gourmet, Naomi Nachman

    Sweet or savoury gefilte fish... What's your take? Naomi Nachman, known as the Aussie Gourmet, joined Norene to swap stories about family favourites. Hear all about Naomi's culinary journey and hosting Kosher Chopped events. Norene even prepared a mystery basket challenge for this special sit-down...

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    Honey for the High Holidays

    Just in time for Rosh Hashanah, we're all about honey -- and Norene's guest is as sweet as can be. Len Goldberg has been keeping bees for about 35 years. He shared his passion for the process and explained what's involved. [Recipes on this episode: Honey Garlic Wings, Honey Chiffon Cake.]

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    Bonus! A second helping of old friends

    After a successful launch (thank you for all the support!), Norene is back to set up the next couple of episodes, and to share a short conversation with some old friends.

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    In the beginning: “Second Helpings, Please!”

    To celebrate 50 years of the iconic “Second Helpings, Please!” cookbook, Norene caught up with one of the founding contributors, Harriet Nussbaum. Up until recently, Harriet’s address had always been at the back of the book, making her the point of contact for orders and questions from around the world. She joined Norene to reminisce about how this fundraising project launched Norene’s culinary career, and how SHP! stands the test - and taste - of time.

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